Ad Manager
Qube Ad Manager is an online ad management solution, which will leverage the online traffic of your ads on the site, sell impressions or clicks to advertisers, Purchase impressions or clicks from publishers. Qube Ad Manager has immense advanced features which include,


Support for any number of ad sizes.


Whether it be classic banners (jpg, png, gif, swf formats), plain text/HTML ads or ads based on templates

Seamless Installation:

Upload files, enter values into the necessary fields in the setup form and the script will do the rest.

Set preference:

Admin can prefer some ads – such ads get a priority than other ads option to not display the same ad to the same person twice in a defined time is available option to target Ad by country, days in a week or time


Option to display ads on mobile phones and/or computers.

Other benefits:

They are available at real time and historical statistic, advertising and publishing accounts. All public pages are based on templates (all pages are editable in any HTML editor).

Multiple security options:

Option to ban IP addresses that tries to enter admin or user pages with wrong login data. Activate automatic reminder for admin to delete files which can cause a security risk.


Number of campaigns is editable and each campaign has its own configuration.